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Joan E. Wiitanen

Houghton County, MI, USA


Scraps way down in our field left over from deer season or country road kill will bring them in close enough to get some great shots from our yard. In flight is hard to capture being the sitting still point and shoot gal I’ve been. LOVE any photo of wings in flight though. I’ve been able to fly in my dreams well over 50 years now, and bringing them into my life is a blessing. Sharing this on Ash Wednesday is a treat. Raised Catholic, but more spiritual than religious for years. The great majestic American Bald Eagle, the symbol of our country that’s in complete chaos, eating meat sorta sums it up and a sign from above today for sure. Birds are angels and that’s my after this crazy life plan! <3 (Thanks for the "vent") Spring is closer birders!! Our favorite time of year & migration!!!!


Predatory birds


Two Bald Eagles Found A Yummy Surprise!

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