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Cathleen Nichols

North Vancouver, BC, Canada


After a heavy snowfall in December and very cold weather our garden had over 20 Varied Thrushes that stayed in the garden (day and night for 5 days eating Cotoneaster berries, drinking at pond and eating at our feeders. This is the first year that we have seen more than 5 Varied Thruses at one time staying in the garden. The Varied Thrushes were aggressive towards each other over the different food sources. At night many of the Thrushes were resting in our 30 year old Southern Magnolia tree next to the house. There was lots of beautiful fluetlike sounds coming from the many Varied Thrushes that could be heard in the house throuhout the day. A very special experience!!!

Varied Thruses In Garden

Varied Thrush resting in garden

2 replies on “Varied Thruses in garden”

Bob Vuxinic says:

Thank you! I alway love seeing birds that don’t exist here in the eastern USA.

Paula says:

Beautiful photos.

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