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andree dubreuil

Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada

Waiting For The Squirrels To Clear The Snow Off The Feeder

3 replies on “waiting for the squirrels to clear the snow off the feeder”

Aleene Jones says:

Congrats. on your Am. Tree Sparrow.
They seem to be decreasing in numbers here in SW Pennsylvania.
A.J. from PA.

Only started to identify them.. most birders here are keen on ID of specific sparrows..
I, guess. I, am just learning
bird borders may change,, and we are lucky to see so many various species..
recently, my family in Los Angeles, has commented on the shifts.. and the recent fires
have accentuated,,, displacements..of the most unusual types.. like rabbits eating from feeders..

Aleene Jones says:

My heart & prayers go out to those in California.

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