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melissa Franklin

Veazie, ME, USA


This morning I spotted an all white crow!!! I am certain it is a crow and though not albino (it had some slight pigmentation in a few tail feathers, mostly) it was all white. Just curious how rare this tends to be? I realize leucistic birds are less rare than albinos but I think still pretty rare?


White Crow

All white crow!! Not albino but all white with very little pigmentation! Flew in with four black crows and then flew away with them. Distinctive crow cawing and very obviously a crow!!

2 replies on “White crow”

Texas Bird Family says:

Leucistic birds are rare, but I have seen a good amount of them.

Valerie Cartonio says:

I have seen this bird twice in two weeks; once in my yard and once flying near Tradewinds. I was glad others saw it too!

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