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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, USA

Young Male Red-winged Blackbird

Red-winged Blackbird male

22 replies on “Young male Red-winged Blackbird”

Glenda Tapper says:

Thanks for the ID! We’ve got one in Hendersonville, NC today – 2-18-2020

David Myers says:

Saw one today . At 5pm on ground below feeder. O’Fallon Missouri.

Holly Snyder says:

There are 4 of these on the ground at our feeders right now! Not a usual guest. Brought out by the snow perhaps?

Holly Snyder says:

There are 4 of these on the ground at our feeders right now in Northern Durham NC! Not a usual guest. Brought out by the snow perhaps?

Joleen says:

We have 3 in Morgantown WV on 3/18/2020

Al Rego says:

We have one in Bristol, RI. First time I’ve seen one!

Wendy Schwartz says:

I have one (immature male) in Boston, MA. He came to my feeder many times yesterday and returned twice this morning so far..

Kat says:

I have one that comes to my house multiple times a day and yells and yells until I come out and sing to him and talk and then he devours food gron my feeder. 🤗 Do they commonly want to interact with humans?? This one is becoming my very close friend. Haha

Cel says:

Had a young male here up in the North country on Mother’s Day First one I’ve seen here 🥰

Linda Hokenson says:

Several here today 518/20 Conway, Ar

Stephany Harvey says:

We finally figured out what these are…we are familiar with the mature meadow singers here in Iowa, but have never had one at the feeders. (We had quite the argument trying to figure out if a white shouldered tanager had been blown off course.) I’m so glad I found this thread.

Gail says:

One visited my feeder today. All black with white wing bar. Cleveland Ohio. 5/19/2020
The females have been at my feeder constantly this past few weeks. Now I know why!

Dean Bardonner says:

Had about 20 of these in our yard this morning, below our bird feeder. We see these every year about this time, but weren’t sure what they were. Noblesville, In.

Judy says:

Had about eight of these at our feeder this morning (2/25/2022) in Westfield, NY. Never noticed them at our feeder prior to this.

Gloria Whitchurch says:

Have one on my feeder table now, 03/02/22. A young male, and possibly a younger female. I need to see photos yet, of a younger female.

Adrienne says:

Just had a group of these young’uns at the feeder! 03/06/22. North Haven, CT
No red visible yet on their wings while at rest.

Becky says:

Had 3 on our feeder this morning first ever college Station tx

Sherry says:

Just had this bird on my feeder in St. Albans, WV! Hope he comes back; he was beautiful and what a nice morning surprise!

Karen Lazar says:

Have one at my feeder now. April 27, Madison, Wisconsin

Sherri Gentry says:

I have about seven of these at my feeder this morning. In Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. I’ve never seen any young ones. Their red is not as bright as the fully mature ones.

Sherri Gentry says:

There are seven at my feeder in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

KNS says:

Flock of 23 at my feeder in Pound Ridge NY this afternoon. Mixed in with several cowbirds

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