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Karin Starling

West Olive, MI, US


Approx 8AM Dec 5 – What appeared to be a Brown Thrasher spent about 10 minutes at water dish on our back deck, drinking and drinking. Did not approach seed trays or feeders and then flew off. Migrating?? We could not identify it as any other species – large, long tail, rufous red brown colored, long curved beak. Speckled underside, slight dark markings around eye. We have had unseasonably mild weather in West Michigan so far this winter. Was not able to get a photo but my husband and I both looked at it for several minutes through binoculars. Dec 6th – got photo!!


Brown Thrasher

One reply on “Brown Thrasher”

Lisa Pepper says:

Had a brown thrasher yesterday eating some of the scratch grain scattered for my chickens. Located in South Haven MI

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