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Janet Johnson

Brenham, TX, United States


I believe this bird is a Cardinal/Pyrrhuloxia hybrid. He is a beautiful, clear gray color like the Pyrrhuloxia with red on his tail, wings, and crest, but with a black mask like the Northern Cardinal. His bill is more like the Cardinal, being more orange than yellow. He also has red mottling down his breast like the Pyrrhuloxia.

Cardinal/Pyrrhuloxia Hybrid

Photo taken Dec. 2, 2013 near Brenham, TX.

4 replies on “Cardinal/Pyrrhuloxia Hybrid”

Scott Cleaves says:

Are the hybrids sterile?

Doug Lytton says:

I’ve been misidentifying the Phrrhuloxia as the female Cardinal. Clearly, this first cousin of the Csrdinal is beautiful and it’s call is different from the Cardinal. I live in Austin TX.

Deborah Fiedler says:

Pretty sure we’re looking at a female Northern Cardinal here. The giveaway is the shape and coloration of her beak.

Gail says:

I beieve it is the hybrid. We’ve had a family frequenting our feeder in W. North Carolina for the past two years. One male has a blue-gray head and mottled coloring, and the beak resembles that of a pyrrholoxia. We’ve been surprised by its appearance so far from its usual range! Our photos, sadly, aren’t clear but we’ve seen them very frequently.

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