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Barb Bradford

Stone Mills, ON, Canada


This picture was taken on November 9 2013 which is very late for it to be in this area.

Juvenile Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

5 replies on “Juvenile Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker”

Tracey Metcalf says:

We just saw one in the Missouri Ozarks January 13, 2018. Juvenile

I’m trying to identify a bird at feeder. .Can I send pic for u to identify

Holly Faulkner says:

Hi Matthew,
Please feel free to send any inquiries to us at You may also be interested in our Common Feeder Birds tool found here:
Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant

Pamela Powell says:

Thanks for posting this! It is very helpful in confirming the identification. I had one on my dogwood tree 2/15/2020. Unfortunately our resident Red-bellied Woodpecker chased it away.

Mary B says:

How long do the babies look like this? Before getting red top head?

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