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Katharine Schulz

Winnipeg, MB, Canada


On January 5, 2014, I was surprised and delighted with a brief visit by a first-year Northern Goshawk. It returned on January 9, 2014 to feast on an unfortunate Eastern Cottontail, several of which visit the yard under the feeders daily during the winter. It fed on the rabbit for approximately 45 minutes, in windy conditions, unfazed by the pestering of several Black-billed Magpies. It then flew into a tree and treated me to both front and back views for about 20 minutes each, before defecating and resuming feeding for another 15 minutes, after which it departed. I did not see it kill the rabbit, but noticed it on the ground feeding at about 9:30 am. It returned at approximately 8:15 am on January 10 and appeared to resume feeding on the same rabbit carcass for about 15 minutes, although t must have been frozen solid at that point. The Goshawk then departed and was not seen again. Northern Goshawks are known to overwinter occasionally in southern Manitoba, even outside the boreal forest but it was still a surprise to have one in the yard. (My yard is on the south edge of Winnipeg – 2 acres.)

Northern Goshawk (first-year)

Northern Goshawk first-year January 9, 2014 Winnipeg, MB - resting after feeding on Eastern Cottontail.

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Janet Newman says:

On 12/17/17 a juvenile goshawk was seen eating what looked like a dove not far from my feeder. Located in a wooded area adjacent to the Orchards in Pomona, NY.
For a few days no birds came to my feeder. When the ground-feeders came back (including 6 mourning doves) the goshawk helped itself to another dove, leaving many feathers a yard from the feeder.

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