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Jean Horton


2 flickers present. 1 male present since early December joined by female in January. Coming regularly to suet and nut feeder. Both birds brownish back with heavy spots on belly and yellow colour shows at feeder and when they fly. Both birds show white rump patch when taking flight as well as a red patch at nape of neck. The one Bird I will forward to Kerrie Wilcox in photo and is a F and other Bird is a M showing black breast mark as well as black moustache marks. No photo of MIn addition 1 white-throated sparrow has been present for a little over a week. It comes to a platform feeder on our deck. It’s a large sparrow with notched tail. Good photo sending to Kerrie Wilcox. White throat is visible slight streaking on breast and yellow dot near eye. Thin wing bars are visible and crown shows contrasting stripes. Generally seen with house finch and or redpolls

White-throated Sparrow

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