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Stephanie Doorly

Portland, OR, United States


During a recent, unexpected snowstorm in Oregon I had quite the display of birds at my feeders. I kept them all well stocked, and saw quite a few unusual things. By far the most surprising was the Yellow-rumped Warbler that kept visiting my hummingbird feeder! I had never seen anyone other than hummingbirds use it, but it make sense as sugar water is a good energy source and the birds here rarely deal with snow or temperatures this cold. Usually, if I do see warblers in my urban yard, they are at the suet feeders. I waited around quite a while trying to get the perfect “shot”. This was by far one of the better ones, though admittedly not the shot I initially had in my mind. Still, I like it quite a bit for it’s unusual and unexpected quality, and those tail feathers are more than enough for a good ID!

An Unexpected “Hummingbird”

Not what I normally see at this feeder.

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