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Cheryl Winkler

Moose Mountain Provincial Park, Kenosee Lake, SK, Canada


We live right on the border of the provincial park, this photo was taken as the birds quite often like the view point from here, it is the top of my feeder setup, the blue gazing ball prevents the squirrels from climbing down to the feeders.


Blue By Blue

Blue by Blue

4 replies on “Blue by Blue”

Fern Friedrich says:

Beautiful blue jay

Fern Friedrich says:

This is a very beautiful picture ,feels very peaceful

Rick Chapman says:

I live in Nova Scotia and have numerous variety of birds at my seed feeders always, including blue jays, hairy woodpeckers, downy woodpeckers, chickadees, nut hatches and gold finches….I discovered a while back that blue jays love to eat broken up egg shells so we now save them after the Sunday morning bacon and egg routine..Just today, I put out about a half cup of leftover cooked white rice and they devoured that in no time…Very soon it will be time for suet cakes..

Bow Hunter says:

Nice pic !

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