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Bernadette Banville

Westport, MA, United States


My boyfriend John made me this window feeder out of an old screen he had in the basement. Our old winter window feeder {use window feeding for my bluebirds in winter- they have stayed for the past 2 winters so far} had a mishap when a icicle fell off the roof and poked a huge hole though the screen. This has 4 areas for food- dried meal worms & suet nuggets {we keep close to the window so that the big birds can’t come get them, they can’t fit in the space from window to glass} and sunflower & mixed bird seed. Unfortunately this did not last our crazy winter of 4 blizzards last year. So this year we made a fake deck railing instead with a heated bird bath coming soon.

Feeder Friend

"Hey lady behind that dirty window, where's the berries?"

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