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michael marcelli

PA-320, Villanova, Radnor, Delaware, PA, United States


These birds are common occurrences at my backyard feeder. However it was my luck, and it is purely luck, to catch the middle guy in such a perfect position as a foil to the lady at the feeder and the lady above who probably is thinking about joining the other two.

Female House Finches At My Backyard Feeder In Villanova, PA

Female house finches at my Villanova, PA backyard feeder in perfect alignment for the feeding process.

2 replies on “Female house finches at my backyard feeder in Villanova, PA”

Wes says:

I love this picture. It is like a fast food or cafeteria line. One is getting food, one is staged and ready to get food and the last one if waiting patiently for the other two to remove themselves.
Great shot!

Marta Moyer says:

There were many terrific submissions this week. I particularly liked the pictures that appeared to have a back story to them….this one being my favorite!

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