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Meredith Morgan

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States


I caught two American Goldfinches in a dispute over thistle seed at our backyard feeder. A third looks unconcerned about the outcome as she enjoys her meal.

Fighting Goldfinches

Fighting Goldfinches

5 replies on “Fighting Goldfinches”

Sharon Oneal says:

Great picture, I always love to see the bird’s personalities 🙂

Laura Maitra says:

a wonderful shot — congratulations and good luck, Meredith.

Marcee says:

Beautiful photo Uncle Meredith…good luck!

Cheryl Benedict says:

This is certainly a special photo. You succeeded in capturing different attitudes of the bird feeder: Eating, hanging on and the ever present “take over.” This is just beautiful. Congratulations on getting such a shot!

Terry Sharp says:

Wonderful picture. I have seen many hummingbirds fight but never the goldfinches. Goot Yob

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