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Jillian Koren

State College, PA, United States


The caption says it all! I have never witnessed anything like this before and to capture it in a photo was an extra treat!

Fleeing For Life

This was an incredible sight to see! My boyfriend and I went to a lake to fish and walk around when we spooked up this great blue heron. It soon disappeared out of site and we went back to exploring. We soon heard squawking and cries of ospreys coming from all around us. There were a total of six ospreys diving and attacking the great blue heron that we had seen earlier. We watched as the quarrel went on in the middle of the lake. We stood in awe watching what might be the last minutes of the heron. As soon as the heron had the chance, it flew directly towards us, ospreys following closely behind. The heron luckily retreated to the cover of dead trees where he was able to rest and get away.

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