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Jade Hems

Rosenberg, TX


I try to keep our garden full of tasty treats for our visitors: I have peanuts on the fence in the far left. The Blue Jays and Grackles like to grab one and perch in the tree behind there, while they enjoy their meal. On the feeder pole I have a variety of tube feeders, currently with sunflower and safflower, plus a blend with shelled peanuts. Currently I am seeing House Finches, later I will add my thistle feeder when the Goldfinches are here. There is also a suet feeder on the pole. In our oak tree I have a second suet feeder, which is a favorite of our Northern Mockingbirds. I have three bird baths, two pedestals and one ground bath. The hummingbird feeder is still out as we might see one or two more in the next week or so. On the platform feeder I put a blend of sunflower and safflower. The Northern Cardinals like this and also the doves. We have Mourning Doves, Eurasian-collared Doves and White-winged Doves. I also have a small window feeder (not pictured) which the House Finches and House Sparrows like.

Hems Family Bird Garden

Hems Family Bird Garden

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