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Walt Mather

Franklin Mountain, Oneonta, NY, United States


Recently I spent the day at the Franklin Mountain, Oneonta hawk-watch site. The assigned counter was there and before noon we were joined by another certified counter and between the two of them, I was treated to an amazing show of knowledge and raptor identification skills. The day’s sightings included; 33 turkey vultures, 1 osprey, 2 bold eagles, 19 sharp-shinned hawks, 4 Cooper’s hawks, 1 broad-winged hawk, 19 red-tailed hawks, 2 American kestrels, 1 merlin and 1 peregrine falcon for a total of 83 raptors. Daily results are posted on It was a beautiful day there and one I won’t soon forget. My interests were for the photography and birds on the wing always have and still remain one of my greatest challenges.


“It’s So Easy”

They make it look so easy. Picture taken 10/9/13 at Franklin Mtn. NY when visiting a hawk count site near Oneonta.

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