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Boyce, VA, United States


Had caught a glimpse of this pretty hawk when it flew in front of my car one morning. I later heard other people had spotted it in the same area, so I drove back out one day hoping to get a better look and was amazed to actually see it again sitting on top of a Cedar tree! Couldn’t get a great shot since it was so far away, but I did at least get a photo of it!


Leucistic Red-tailed Hawk

Leucistic Red-tailed Hawk

4 replies on “Leucistic Red-tailed Hawk”

Cindy Easterly says:

We live in Fairport NY (Rochester area) and we saw a bird similar to one shown above fly into our back yard. Our yard borders on southern part of Irondequoit Creek. Is it possible that this is an albino like Red Tail Hawk. We have lots of Red Tails hunting in this area.
This bird just visited our yard again and is up one of our black locust trees. Too far to get a decent picture. But clearly the same bird we saw hunting here last week.

Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

HI Cindy, It’s hard to know for sure, but it’s not impossible for a hawk or falcon to have albinism, or leucism. You can learn more about these color variants here. They can sometimes be difficult to identify down to species when typical field marks that help identify are all white.

Susan brayton says:

Here in Somerset Massachusetts I saw a leucistic red tail hawk. What a beautiful bird. Very majestic. Sat on the corner of the hous for about 45 minutes. So glad I got to see this beautiful bird.

joseph forsman says:

i see a white redtail hawk hunting in hale valley between noti oregon and florence oregon every now and then

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