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Vickie Doane

Sunset, TX, United States


Came home to find this hawk fallen prey to the owl. The hawk did eventually get away…at least for the moment. We interfered with dinner. Haven’t seen the owl since. We weren’t sure what kind of owl it was.

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Species: American Kestrel

Owl Vs American Kestrel

3 replies on “Owl vs American Kestrel”

Chuck Homler says:

Looks like an American Kestrel with a gray morph of a Screech Owl. (I’m east coast). Where was this taken? Who won?

Jess says:

Looks like Owl Vs. American Kestrel.

Zach says:

That looks like an Eastern Screech owl with an male American kestrel. Wouldn’t be the first time a screech owl has caught another small raptor like a kestrel or Sharp-shinned hawk.

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