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Mylavarapu Venkatramesh

Indianapolis, IN, United States


This Mourning Dove landed at a feeder just as I was photographing the Finches that were occupying the feeder and chased them away.


Party Crasher

Mourning Dove landing on a feeder rail.

12 replies on “Party crasher”

Dinesh Prabhu says:

Very nice pic, Ramesh.


avj says:

nice colours for gatecrashing

D. Kaiser says:

Absolutely beautiful! Love all the colors in the feathers!
It’s very peaceful.

Renee says:

Gorgeous color, one of my all time favorites.

Charles says:

Beautiful detail in the feathers!

Charles says:

Beautiful wing feather details!

Nandan Setlur says:

Wow! The play of light and the clarity is outstanding and the look on the Dove says “Out of my way!”
Great pic as always Ramesh

Kirit says:

Beautiful picture

Kristine says:

The light is amazing!

kate bolling says:

Love this one great job ram!

Akileswaran says:

Fantastic, Ramesh

awtar says:

Beautiful photography. Light effect is wonderful.

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