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Torrey Neel

Encinitas, CA, United States


I am experimenting with feeding Scrub Jays Oak acorns. After seeing the city Jays hiding peanuts and recently cat food, and knowing that in the country Jays constantly pick and plant acorns this time of year. My neighbor is always feeding them peanuts out of his hand and my other neighbor complains of the peanuts hidden in all her plantings. We own acreage of Oak Woodland and Chaparral nearby in San Diego, so I picked a coffee can full of acorns and brought them back to the city Jays, who went crazy for the acorns. Since my relationship with the Jays was as an observer, I do not know how they act when presented with peanuts. I am also going to be watching if any of the acorns germinate in our yard.
This photo was taken as a Jay was leaving my hand with an acorn.

Scrub Jay Lift Off.

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