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Jerry Lindak

Parma, OH, United States


I’ve been feeding over-wintering American Robins for a number of years.
They are attracted to our yard because of the Hawthorn tree berries, I mingle raisins with berries as the Robins feed they also try the raisins, as they feed I whistle they then associate the whistle with the raisins and come to my whistle.They now feed from a hanging feeder.


Winter Robins

Raisins help Robins through the winter.

One reply on “Winter Robins”

gail linne says:

Today, 12/21/16 a lone robin visited my yard. The weather here has warmed to 35*, but we just had a cold snap (below zero to 5*) for about a week. Is there a pattern of winter robins in NW Montana or should I expect the visitor to fly on south? If the robin stays, is raisen/thistle seed recommended as feed?
Thanks, Gail Linne, Whitefish, MT

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