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Ellen Lewis

Portland, OR, United States


After observing this Robin day after day, making hundreds (maybe thousands) of trips out to find and return a small beak-full of mud to create her awe-inspiring mud and grass nest, she finally stopped for a little rest. She built the nest at eye level in a big winter viburnum next to my back door, which I subsequently avoided until her babies fledged (okay, I peeked only once when she wasn’t very close by).


American Robin On Nest

American Robin

7 replies on “American Robin on Nest”

Paul Thompson says:

Nice, Robin’s are so endearing because they let us into their lives by building nests right under our noses! I’ll vote for that!

Ellen Lewis says:

Thank you once again, Paul. I tried to reply to your comment earlier, but “the system” didn’t accept it. I’m trying here again, but also went to your nice photo entry and left my message there for you.

Theresa Nickels says:

I love the wonderful frame of green viburnum leaves around her little nest!

Ellen Lewis says:

Yes, Theresa, I have to agree with you about those viburnum leaves, and lucky that the Robin didn’t appear startled when I made that picture! Thank you.

Donna Barski says:

Seeing her mud-tipped bill gives away that this mom has been hard at work. I too like the little peep hole into her nest via the green-leaf frame of the viburnum.

Nice photo, Ellen!

Now I will make my vote for your photo.

Ellen Lewis says:

Thank you, Donna, for your great comments and for your vote! Making this photo was very fun and a little challenging to get that muddy beak into focus with the one shot I made before quietly leaving her tree nursery.

Beautiful, I love the detail and the way that you captured this image through a gap in foliage. This image truly tells a story about how the mother robin has been building the nest. Great job!

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