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Karen Randall

Santa Cruz, CA, United States

Bird Watching At UCSC Arboretum

6 replies on “Bird watching at UCSC Arboretum”

Bonnie Reynolds says:

I love the detail of this, the feathers. Then the contrast of the flower in the foreground.

Karen Randall says:

Thanks Bonnie for voting for my Hummingbird. Your the BEST!!!
Love You,

Ronn Randall says:

I particularly like the clarity and composition of this shot. The graceful curves of the birds body, in one direction, balancing the curves of the twig and flower parts, in opposition. The hummingbird looks so comfortable and regal!

Karen Randall says:

Ronn, I’m glad you liked my Hummingbird, there are so many great photos to pick from, glad you picked mine 🙂

Tammy Jensen says:

I love the clarity and contrasts of your photo of this little hummingbird. You caught this busy bird sitting on a beautiful bloom. Lovely!

Karen Randall says:

Thanks for choosing my Hummingbird. This is the very first Photo Contest I’ve ever entered. All who entered are winners, I haven’t seen one bad picture here. This is fun, and will enter more contests.
Love, Karen

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