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Janet Lewis

East Grand Rapids, MI, United States


I was in my yard photographing hummingbirds in late summer and noticed that there was some commotion in my next door neighbor’s tree. I turned my attention to it and discovered that a flock of migrating Red-eyed Vireos were feasting on the tree’s numerous white berries. Over the course of 2 two days they stripped the tree of virtually every berry! I was thrilled to capture this image of one of them swallowing a berry as it dangled from the tree branches.


Down The Hatch

6 replies on “Down the Hatch”

Theresa Nickels says:

Wonderful photo, Janet! Perfect timing of a beautiful bird in a beautiful setting!

Jan Lewis says:

Thank you Theresa!

Ellen Lewis says:

Very nice, Janet. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the Red-eyed Vireo, so I’m admiring your work even more to learn about it. Really liking the subtle colors and lovely detail overall. Nice work.

Jan Lewis says:

Thanks Ellen! It was so cool to see these vireos devour the berries! I had a really hard time deciding which image to submit this time (well, I do every time, really! lol). I had a shot of a female northern cardinal who has visited my feeders over the past few months. She is perfectly beautiful on one side, but she sustained some kind of injury on the opposite side and her eye is completely missing. I thought she had succumbed but saw her again recently and the open wound had healed, though she is obviously still one-eyed. I was just afraid the image might be too disturbing (even though it was one that primarily showed her good side, with just enough of the other side to see that something was amiss.)

Wow! I love the detail, of the beautiful little Vireo. They are such gorgeous birds, and your image really captures that, especially the fact that the Vireo is eating the berry. Awesome image, very unique!

Ruth DeJager says:

Beautiful, Jan.

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