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Andrea Popick

Stanley, VA, United States


This photo was taken in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. I have seen Eastern Screech-Owls when hiking in the park, but have never been able to get a portrait shot. Finally, during an educational program presented at Big Meadows, this owl, that had been previously injured, rescued and rehabilitated, but was non-releasable back to the wild, willingly posed long enough during the educational program for me to capture this portrait.

Eastern Screech-Owl Portrait

Eastern Screech-Owl looking at you!

6 replies on “Eastern Screech-Owl Portrait”

Marilyn OBrien says:

This is a wow photo. The photographer really captured this Owl’s haunting gaze.

Andrea Popick says:

Thank you for your comment.

Amber Kresge says:

Excellent capture. The owl is very sharp and in focus, and the photographer has nice catch lights in the it’s eyes which are looking right at you. Overall very nicely done!

paul donahue says:

excellent photo…sharp and crisp image of this special owl…

Bonnie DeGraw says:

very nicely done photo here, and professional look to it Bonnie DeGraw

Theresa Nickels says:

Gorgeous owl! What a wonderful opportunity you had to capture it.

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