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Larry Keller

Lititz, PA, United States


Towhee as she shakes off the rain.


Eastern Tohee In The Rain

One reply on “Eastern Tohee in the rain”

Donna Barski says:

Every time I browse the birdspotter photo entries, I pause at this one. It looks a bit odd from the line-up pictures, but unique enough to pique my interest. And, sure enough, the enlarged photo really brings out the interesting details. The fluffed up breast feathers and the black streaking along with the partially up wings add interest. With the photo enlarged to the max, I see all is in focus! Not easy to achieve with the the wind action.

Of course, I am assuming it was breezy. Perhaps the bird was just fluffed up to combat a chilly day. Or was it just settling on its perch and the wings were folding down? Curious photo.

You get my vote.

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