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May Haga

Saskatoon, SK, Canada


Sharp-tailed Grouse on a lek near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The males gather early in the morning and dance for several hours. When they get hungry they leave the lek looking for food. While it is often called dancing, in fact, what they are doing is showing off for the ladies. Trying to prove that they are the toughest, strongest, most agile and will provide good genes for the new offspring. While the leking is done in the spring to facilitate breeding they can generally be found on the lek most mornings in the fall and winter. Morning is the most popular time but they can also be found there in the evenings.

Fighting For Attention

AWARD WINNER: Week 10: Judges’ Choice

One reply on “Fighting for Attention”

Judi Dressler says:

Great capture of these interesting birds!

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