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Vivian Lamb

Albuquerque, NM, United States


This male Ladder-backed Woodpecker needs to go just a bit farther!

Just A Little Bit Farther!

Just a little bit farther!

13 replies on “Just a Little Bit Farther!”

Paulette Cary says:

Knock, knock.

celeste says:

Nice that it’s focused on the little red-head!

Rachel says:

I can hear him tapping just looking at your photo!

Sam Ellenport says:

Lovely photo – captures just a hint of wind which makes the hunt for
food a crucial pastime. Well done!

Deborah says:

Great capture!

Jean Lubliner says:

Keeping a close eye on dinner. Very nice photo.

Michelle says:

He’s adorable! Wish I could give him a birdie hug. Guess I’ll have to settle for a peck on the cheek. 😉

tara says:

Nice red mohawk – picture composition is cool too! xo

Ryoko Nagai says:

Nice shoot. I love the red-head and the black&white feathers. Seeing her/his waist,
more lavour would be needed.

Great composition for this shot. The woodpecker, on of my favorite birds, is lovely and well defined. But I also like the texture of the tree bark! Lovely natural shot.

Barb says:

I just love redheads — especially little industrious ones.

Kathy says:

Good catch of the bird catching dinner at least hopefully! Could be a little brighter.
It has come to my attention that young, amatuer birder-photographers are competing with both older photographers as well as professional photographers. I would like to suggest having 3 categories — amatuers up to age 18; amatuers beyond that age; and professionals. It seems this would level the competition.

Marie says:

How wonderful! A beautiful picture of this lovely bird.

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