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Janet Lewis

East Grand Rapids, MI, United States


Oh my gosh….look at those little black eyelashes! Since the male and female are identical, I can’t say for sure this is female. But I would like to think it is, just because those little black eye rings look so much like mascara! The Tufted Titmice that visit my yard love the peanuts I put out for them…but gosh they are fast (so can be a challenge to photograph)! In addition, I often don’t catch an image with their crest up. However this little lady lingered a little bit longer, and looks like she is checking out her hairdo in a mirror or posing for a fashion magazine! Love these little birds!

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Species: Tufted Titmouse

Little Lady

Aren't I Pretty?

One reply on “Little Lady”

Theresa Nickels says:

Very pretty! Wonderful pose!

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