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Angela Specht

Wabamun, AB, Canada


This is my summertime hummingbird garden and is a smaller part of a bigger garden. I have maltese crosses, delphiniums, honeysuckle, various salvias, firecracker vine, Chilean glory vines, gladiolas, crocosmias, petunias, lilies and other plants the hummers love. I supplement with hummingbird feeders throughout the yard. I have water trays near the spruce trees and ponds with moving water behind the buildings. I also have lots of other shrubs, fruit trees, native trees, and feeders, and so forth for other birds and critters in my yard. The archways to the left (you can just see edge of it) and to the right of the photo have feeders hanging in them. I mostly get ruby throated hummingbirds, but have had the good fortune to have rufous and annas hummingbirds visit my yard.

My Hummingbird Garden

My Hummingbird Garden

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