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Mike Bourdon

South Bend, IN, United States


I had no idea that this bird had two snowflakes on his face until I saw the photo on my computer screen. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky with the shot!


No Two Snowflakes Are Exactly Alike

Photographing juncos in a snowstorm isn't unusual at all, but catching one with two perfect snowflakes on his face sure was.

8 replies on “No two snowflakes are exactly alike”

Mike Bourdon is a great bird photographer. He never ceases to amaze me with his work.

Marty Nemeth says:

I always love seeing Mike’s pictures. He should submit them to “Birds & Blooms” magazine.

Marty Nemeth says:

Always love his photos!

Glenda Pozsgai says:

I love all of Mike’s photo’s !

Marcia says:

Awesome and amazing that once can see the detail of the snowflakes! Way to go Mike!

Great close-up and detail. Awesome and beautiful image! I love those two perfect snowflakes against the dark feathers of the Junco.

Theresa Nickels says:

Perfect portrait of this snowbird!

Dinah Bourdon says:

WOW!!! Perfect everytime!!

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