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Vivian Lamb

Bosque Del Apache Visitor Center, New Mexico 1, San Antonio, NM, United States


As we stood in the parking lot of the Bosque del Apache Vistor Center, we heard many wings flapping and looked up to see hundreds of Snow Geese. This picture shows only a portion of how many birds were really there!

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Snow Geese Take-off At Bosque Del Apache

So many geese!

13 replies on “Snow Geese Take-off At Bosque del Apache”

Marie says:

Wow – what a fantastic experience! The sounds from the birds must have been amazing.

Rachel says:

A wonderful capture of taking flight!

tara says:

Honk! Honk!
Nice composition, per your usual.

Karen says:

Such a cool photo!!! To capture all those birds flying in the air, what a neat experience to see and hear — birds of a feather, fly together!!

Nancy says:

Quite a sight and sound! Hope you had a fun time.

Carrol McKinney says:

Wonderful capture of an enormous flock! I can almost hear them as I view the picture. Good composition and resolution. Good job, Vivian!

Celeste says:

Wow! What an amazing sight

Sophie says:

Wow! That is an amazing picture!

Michelle says:

Amazing! I can almost hear those geese calling. Great capture. 🙂

Barb says:

Talk about a flock of birds! Wonder what they’re telling each other.

Kathleen Singer says:

Where’s Waldo, Viv!?!
Great picture with movement and grace. What an experience when they all took off–I remember that day. You were so amazed, I’m surprised you got such a great shot.

Ryoko Nagai says:

Amazing, exciting and thrilling!! I have never seen such a slight of thouands birds in flight.
Where are they going? Pray for their safe flying.

Sylvia says:

Wow! That’s a phenomenal number of geese. Very well captured.

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