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Vivian Lamb

Los Angeles, CA, United States


Bath time for the Canada Geese at the Los Angeles Arboretum!


Splish Splash!

Splish splash!

13 replies on “Splish Splash!”

Deborah says:

Great action shot!!

Mary Gracey says:

The Canada Goose is highlighted by the stop-action water in motion.

Barb says:

You just feel the water.

Karen says:

Ms. Goose looks like she is enjoying her bath! Must feel so good!!

Michelle says:

Wow, what a great catch!

Marie says:

Another terrific photo! Thank you for sharing.

Sam Ellenport says:

Canadian Geese are common, but what makes this a singular picture is the addition of active water which highlights the goose. Nicely done.

Rachel says:

Very impressive to see the movement of the water surrounding the goose in this action shot! Your photo elevates a rather common occurrence to an engaging and beautiful image.

Jean Lubliner says:

Great photo and a unique expression of the category.

Kathleen Singer says:

I can feel the water surrounding the goose! Great action shot capturing the movement around the goose and at the same time highlighting the goose’s “head shot.” Beautiful!

Wildlight says:

Wonderful composition. There is nothing more exciting as catching an animal in the act of doing something. Keep up the good work.

Fabulous capture of a goose thoroughly enjoying her splash! It makes me want to join her for the bath and exercise. The picture also captures water in motion…not easy to do. I believe I put my hand right into that water. You captured the flying water drops so clearly. Great job!

Nancy says:

Perfect title for this charming photo.

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