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raymond smith

Heffley Creek, Kamloops, BC, Canada


A surprise visitor to our yard.

Surprise .

one for the bucket list.

9 replies on “Surprise .”

Olivia says:

Wow what a beautiful little owl! Lucky you to have spotted this small bird of prey , and to have gotten this awesome image!

raymond smith says:

Thank you Olivia for taking the time to comment.

Olivia says:

Your welcome raymond, you deserved a comment on your wonderful image!

Theresa Nickels says:

So beautiful! Wonderful shot of an amazing bird!

raymond smith says:

Thank you Theresa Nickels.

Donna Barski says:

Always fun to see a species that is new to me. I’ve heard about pygmy owls, but I guess I really did not know what they looked like. In your fine photo, I see an adorable and interesting little owl.

Thanks for sharing this photo of your surprise visitor!

raymond smith says:

Thank you Donna Barski and you are welcome.

Karen Rice says:

What a wonderful picture! Just beautiful.

raymond smith says:

Thank you very much Karen Rice

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