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Ed Walsh

Jones Beach State Park, Nassau County, NY, United States


The Rough Legged Hawk Protecting his prize…A Hen Mallard! Wearing full camouflage was the ticket to this capture… Allowing this Rough Legged Hawk to remain calm. He noticed me a couple of times, this was his reaction! This photo is one I selected from about 50 captures!
One of the most exciting days in the field that I had in 2015

The Rough Legged Hawk Protecting His Prize…A Hen Mallard!

The Rough Legged Hawk Protecting his prize...A Hen Mallard!

3 replies on “The Rough Legged Hawk Protecting his prize…A Hen Mallard!”

Olivia says:

A very impressive looking hawk, I like the way he’s using his wing to shield his kill, and I also like how I can see the mallards feathers scattered around. Awesome image

Slap Jackson says:

First Class!

Theresa Nickels says:

Beautiful color and detail! I really like how his colors blend with the vegetation yet because of your focus his gorgeous face and wing pop right out at the viewer!

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