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Vivian Lamb

Manzano Mountain, Bernalillo County, NM, United States


I took this photo at somebody’s ranch in the Manzano Mountains of New Mexico. The owner of the ranch tends to 41 bluebird nest boxes! This photo was taken while looking down through the opened lid of the box.

Western Bluebird Mother And Chicks

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15 replies on “Western Bluebird mother and chicks”

Karen says:

Colors are so vibrant!!

Tara says:

So sweet

Barb says:

Wish my eyes were that blue (rather than brown)!

Deborah says:

Pretty birds!

Rachel says:

A beautiful moment you captured, especially with mother bird and chicks all looking toward camera!

Kathy says:

So many mouths to feed–I wish the photo was a little brighter, but you have captured a very tender moment.

Bill says:

This picture is wonderful … the sweet blend of one of the most endearing and tender of “family” moments, combined with obvious excitement and joy of the little one’s as they anticipate a “meal,” is captured artfully in safe isolation and in brilliant color. Great job, Vivian, and thank you for providing us a beautiful glimpse of nature & life.

Sam Ellenport says:

A surprisingly intimate picture!

Susan says:

I can just hear all the “peep peep, peeping”!

Michelle says:

Oh my gosh, that’s amazing! I’d love to know how you caught that shot. So sweet! And that vivid blue really shows.

Carrol says:

Superb composition! You nicely captured tenderness and love of a mother and her young. Great job! Blue is my favorite color, and the blue you captured is exquisite. Such a cozy picture.

Rachel says:

A tender moment!

Marie says:

Wow – how wonderful that you were able to see the mom and babies and to capture this moment. Congratulations! I hope this is a winner for you.

Nancy says:

What a charming photo. Are you using any type of editing software with your photos where you could crop or manipulate lighting? Maybe this is “The Photo”! Good job.

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