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Jim Leonard

Salem, OR, United States


I was photographing this pair of Wood Ducks in the spring when the male decided to show his affection for the female by what looks like a kiss to me.


Wood Duck Kiss

Wood Duck Pair Showing Some Affection!

2 replies on “Wood Duck Kiss”

Donna Barski says:

You must have a powerful lens to capture these birds together in this charming pose. Wood ducks are very shy and easily disturbed. I know first hand. Wood ducks check out our woodland pond every spring and I have yet to be able to get close enough for a photo.

And it is a wonderful quality photo. I enjoy looking at those gorgeous colorful feathers. Even the female sports some colors. I did not know that! And your photo shows off the eyes too! I like that.

You have my vote.

chuck says:

I agree with Donna

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