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Linda Roy Walls

Galestown, MD, United States


In the 12 years at my residence, I have seen a Golden-crowned Kinglet in the yard only 3 or 4 times. The first time I had no idea about the species and had to look it up on the Cornell Lab’s bird ID website. On this particular October day a kinglet showed up and was having great success busily locating and devouring insects in the vegetation along the raised flower beds. I was posted nearby with my trusty camera, but the bird was never in clear view. Finally, it landed and gripped a vertical plant stalk in a small clearing. When the bird lingered to survey the dried leaves for tasty morsels, I was able to snatch an image. Good thing because the kinglet was gone seconds later, not to be seen by my prying eyes for another few years.

Bonafide Bug Buster!

Golden-crowned Kinglet foraging for insects

13 replies on “Bonafide Bug Buster!”

Bob Pratt says:

Awesome photo of the kinglet!

Donna Frohn says:

Beautiful picture. I had not seen this species before.

Betty Ann Dittrich says:

Love this picture!!!

Vickie Walters says:

Amazing picture!

Linda says:

Love the angle and beautiful colors on this bird. Lovely photo.

Karen Hubbard says:

You always take beautiful pictures.

Pam Decraecke says:

Linda your photo captures the beauty of your little friend perfectly. I have these visit almost daily but don’t have the intersting background you do.
Thankyou for sharing!

Bonnie larrimore says:

Beautiful photo of the Kinglet Linda Roy Walls!7

Pam Stubbs says:

Beautiful bird!

Theresa Nickels says:

Beautiful shot!

Kathy Wright says:

Beautiful picture! It was my favorite!

Donna Hoyt says:

Oh so sweet. I love your work, Linda!

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