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Susanne Swing Thompson

Atlanta, GA, United States


This Carolina Wren and its mate built a nest in an empty hanging basket in our garage. The rubber seal at the bottom of the garage door was worn, and that’s the opening the pair used to find its way into the garage for its little home. Once I realized there home was in the garage, I opened the garage door whenever we were home…and spent a good deal of time watching the pair search for food and return to feed their young. Such a delight! Here, one parent is perched on a nearby fence, ready to return to the nest.


Carolina Wren

Carolina Wren, finding its food from our garden and soon to return to its creative nest to feed its young.

One reply on “Carolina Wren”

Theresa Nickels says:

Wonderful shot of the typical wren pose… the mouthful of food is a bonus!

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