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Donna Barski

Arcade, NY, United States


I went canoeing with my husband last June on a small nearby lake. On that evening there was a huge flock of cedar waxwings flying and perching in the thick shoreline foliage. I just started taking photos, left and right. When we returned home I looked at all the photos. I was quite happy with most of them, but I was thrilled with this one and eager to submit it on BirdSpotter.


Cedar Waxwing And Friends

Cedar Waxwing and Friends

3 replies on “Cedar Waxwing and Friends”

Ellen Lewis says:

This is a terrific shot, Donna! I totally appreciate the beautiful lighting on the “see-through” wings of the cedar wax-wing. The flare of the tail and wings combined with a slight blur show lovely motion in flight. Very unusual and quite inspiring for this fellow bird photographer to try and capture one day. Very nice…and of course you have my vote!

Donna Barski says:

Thank you so much for you observation and compliment. The photo was taken near dusk, so it is not as sharply in focus as I would have liked. (That is the slight blur that you noted as a positive attribute!) Still, I am happy. The memory of that exciting experience has been preserved with this photo. I’m glad to have your vote and appreciation.

Louise Sobing says:

I am so glad to read that Cedar Wax Wings are still in NY. I live northeast of Albany in Washington County. When I first moved to Cossayuna, 1990, I saw Cedar Waxwings for a few winters but have seen none since then. Such beautiful birds. I was thrilled when I saw them. Wish I would see them again.

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