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S Beebe

Tucson, AZ, United States


These Sandhill Cranes come by the thousands to a south-east Arizona location known as Whitewater Draw. Early morning they fly out to feed then return around noon. First, you hear them, then you see the masses flying in to gather at the small watering holes. It’s an incredible sight to see!


Cranes, Cranes And More Cranes!

Cranes, Cranes and more Cranes!

8 replies on “Cranes, Cranes and more Cranes!”

Pamela Kanarr says:

Another example of my friends amazing talent

Betty Trimble says:

Fantastic photo as usual for her.

Armida Quiner says:

This picture is really amazing, In addition of showing details, it shows the beauty of the the birds in a massive flight.

Rosemary Sisak says:


Aggie says:

Awesome picture!

Neel McCullough says:

Another outstanding effort to capture birds in their natural setting

Ralph Stephens says:

great picture!

Ann Rissel says:


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