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Linda Roy Walls

Galestown, Maryland, United States


I always make sure to throw seeds on the ground every daylight hour during snow events. Although I have several feeding stations, the grackles and starlings saturate those. During this storm there were several cardinal couples that kept coming back for ground seed throughout the day. This female submerged her beak into the snow to grab the morsels of food. Her face became quite frosty and her feathers were caked in ice. I was able to patiently wait and get a close shot, without startling her.

Frosty Face

Female cardinal enjoys a frosty breakfast of ground seeds scattered during a snowstorm.

5 replies on “Frosty Face”

Brookview Hope says:

Love this photo !!

Bob Pratt says:

I love this picture! Awesome!

Bill Jones says:

Frosty Face I love ya

Jennifer Moore says:

No one has an eye like Linda when it comes to exquisite bird photos. At rest, in action, in flight she has amazing timing with her lens!

Susan Runnels says:

Beautiful capture of a beautiful cardinal. Linda is so artistic when it comes to capturing God’s creatures!!

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