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Diane Donnelly

Olmsted Township, OH, United States

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Immature Red-bellied Woodpecker

McSuet kids meal

4 replies on “Immature Red-bellied Woodpecker”

sally says:

At what age do the immature red bellied woodpeckers get their red heads?
I have one at my feeders again this year and don’t know if it’s the one from last year or another one from this years hatch.

Kathryn Jahn says:

Sally: did you get an answer to your question? I ask because I had an immature red bellied woodpecker at my feeder (grape jelly) this morning and was looking for the same info, trying to confirm that this is a young-of-the-year bird. I did find this:
“Juvenile plumage is worn from May to Sep…”
That suggests to me that are birds are ones that hatched here.

Thanks for the information. We have a juvenile visiting our suet feeder. This has been the first offspring we have noticed. Parents are here year round.

Jeanne Fiato says:

today I watched a mature red bellied woodpecker get suet from suet cage and feed an immature one in its mouth with the suet. Priceless!!!

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