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Middleway, WV, United States


I have put out feeders for the birds as long as I’ve been a homeowner, but it wasn’t until I moved to the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia that I had an Indigo Bunting come to my feeders. I had never seen one before, and it sparked my interest in birding as I began to search through a bird book trying to figure out what it was. I was amazed at the variety of birds found in this area – I never knew so many different kinds of birds lived here and how many different kinds passed through during the Spring and Fall migrations. Indigo Buntings like the one in my photo still come to my suet and seed feeders every year, and they will always be one of my favorite birds because they got me hooked on birding!


Indigo Bunting – My Spark Bird!

4 replies on “Indigo Bunting – My Spark Bird!”

Pat Middleton says:

So Pretty.

Laura Frazier says:

Thank you!

Janis Tandy says:

This is a great photo.

Laura Frazier says:

Thanks, Janis!

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