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Linda Roy Walls

Choptank, MD, United States


There is a town dock where I love to go during the warm months after a long day of meetings. Near the dock is an osprey nest and I typically sit quietly for hours until the sun sets waiting to get a decent shot of the Ospreys and their families. I also enjoy watching and photographing the swallows and terns, which are plentiful. On the day this image was captured, this osprey was flying back and forth in response to pleas from its mate. Perhaps the osprey was a bit manic because there was too much activity on the dock. A family of three (humans) was fishing and a waterman was also working on his boat engine nearby.

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Species: Osprey

Osprey Mania

Osprey approaching its Choptank River nest on Maryland's Eastern Shore

12 replies on “Osprey Mania”

Donna Hoyt says:


Jane LaBrie says:


Peg Anawalt says:

wonderful picture!

Nancy Barger says:


Nancy Barger says:

Beautiful! Well done Linda.

Claire O'Malley says:


Terri Hughes says:

This bird has his eyes on you, how magnificent.

emma says:

So beautiful- The photo captures an essence that immediately drew me in- i could both feel and imagine the motion before and after the image seen here in this photograph. Powerful and captivating.

Linda says:

Wonderful action shot. Beautiful. Hope you get lots of votes.

Karen says:

Love it!

Terry Pack says:

This is so ch an amazing shot!! Love it!!!

Jenny Randolph says:

I have never seen a bird in flight from this angle before. Your image gives such a clear sense of their strength and the small miracle of what it takes to defy gravity and hold your weight up in the air. Well done Linda!

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