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mark landis

Erie, PA, United States

Sexy And I Know It

White Throated Sparrow

18 replies on “Sexy and I know it”

Lisa Landis says:

Beautiful Bird!! ♡

Alice says:


Lisa Landis says:

Beautiful Bird!! ♡

Jan says:

Very nice!

Nicole Pyle says:

Beautiful bird

Alan Marinelli says:

Great Shot!

Margaret laird says:

Really nice

James T Jones says:


Margaret Orlowski says:

Beautiful !

Margaret Orlowski says:

Absolutely Beautiful,I love it.

Margaret Orlowski says:

Absolutely beautiful.

Amy says:

Great picture!!!

Phyllis Brace says:

Love the picture.

Jane Tucker says:

Beautiful bird ? & awesome ?? pic! Quite the photographer!

Heather M Edmonds says:


Diane Jensen Komisarski says:

Great picture once again Mark

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