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Lori Self

Leland, NC, United States


Two Eastern Bluebirds at my feeder.

The Blues Brothers

7 replies on “The Blues Brothers”

Ludy Fitzgerald says:

Beautiful. Love blue birds. My mom said when she passed, we would know she was watching over us, if we were surrounded by blue birds. Lori does an incredible job of finding joy and love in this photo

Lynn Fitzgerald says:

It’s lynn Fitzgerald. Not Ludy Fitzgerald

Delia L says:

Beautiful, the colours are so vibrant, one of the best I’ve seen!

Andrea Kelly says:

A beautiful picture of these special little blue birds. Lori captured their peaceful spirit.

Joseph self says:

Great pic

Alex says:

One of my favorites.

Nancy Hall says:

Difficult to catch their brilliant blue, but you have done it! A photo to treasure.

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