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Briana Fisher

Linden, MI, USA


I was thrilled when this bird visited my yard in May 2019! I was actually stumped because it looked like an Orchard Oriole female but it had red around the beak. I asked a bird group what it was, and they said it was, in fact, an Orchard Oriole that must have had her beak in flower that rubbed pollen on her face. In this photo, she was swinging on the hummingbird swing, but she was also very interested in the hummingbird nectar and jelly!

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Gorgeous Orchard Oriole

Gorgeous Orchard Oriole

7 replies on “Gorgeous Orchard Oriole”

Sarah Cotton says:

A great catch by a talented photographer!

Mary McCarrick says:

Beautiful picture of a beautiful bird.

Nancy Jean Wolfe says:

Beautiful Bird..

Nila Murry says:

i just love all the pic’s she takes.

Dina Hernandez says:

Love this picture

Very interesting,Uncle Howard enjoyed it also.

Maribel O’Brien says:

Gorgeous photo… I stared at so many details captured. What a talent to the photographer and subject as well.

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